Easy Ways to Stay Organized During Remote Work

If you’ve never worked from the comfort of your own home before, it may be challenging to acclimate to seeing your usual surroundings transformed into a home office. Because of the way people usually act and feel in their own homes, it can be tempting to treat your home office the same way you treat your bedroom or living room. This can lead to bad habits such as letting clutter pile up at your desk.

Lucy Lyle, who founded the company Perch, explained, “Some people become more nonchalant and undisciplined when they work from home. In their minds, it’s justified because they’re in the comfort of their own homes, but this is a flawed assumption.” Lucy Lyle added, “As long as you’re on the clock, you have to be intentional and orderly about the way you work, and this includes keeping your desk organized and free from clutter.”

In light of this, remote employees must develop the right habits for keeping their work desks at home organized. These habits include having clearly delineated locations for specific objects, eliminating unnecessary paraphernalia, and always keeping your frequently used items within reach.

Lucy Lyle comments, “The key to staying organized is establishing a system and sticking to it. You may be tempted to throw an item just anywhere, but even small piles of clutter have a tendency to build up. Clutter may not seem that important, but having a cluttered desk is an easy way to unwittingly kill your productivity.”

Many workers who have experienced clutter can attest to the increased stress, distractions, and lost time that results from looking for lost items. Save yourself the trouble by organizing your home office today.