Helping a Child’s Teeth with Dental Indemnity Insurance

People need dental indemnity insurance to help keep their teeth healthy, no matter what age they are.  But what the discount dental plan doesn’t tell them about helping care for their child’s teeth. Here are some tips to remember when you have a child.


  • Start helping child floss when their two molars have come together. This generally happens when a child’s 2 and a half to 3 years old.  The cavities usually are going to start in between the child’s teeth. Flossing is going to help with preventing the decay and the cavities.


  • Don’t let a child brush their teeth on their own until they are 7-9, or until they’ve been able to tie their own shoes or perhaps cut their own meat.  This is going to help them know what to do.
  • Curb sucking of the thumb by the age of 5 to stop problems with tooth development.
  • Don’t let small children take sippy cups with them when they walk around filled with anything but water.  Juice can cause cavities and that is why water is much better for children to take with them when they need something to drink.

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