How Claim Preparation Financially Can Close a Case Quicker

Summary: The way in which you present a claim is crucial to convincing your audience that your claim is solid. Follow these tips when preparing your next construction claim.

There are many ways to present a construction claim. The main goal, however, should be to present the claim in a way that is similar to how it would hold up in court. Therefore, it should be understandable by many different readers, whether or not they have prior construction knowledge. The best way to ensure multiple readers are comfortable with the information is to organize the claim from contract to impact. That is, from what was stated in the construction contract, to the impact of what actually occurred.

Make a Roadmap

In between the contract and impact, you should discuss the actual conditions encountered during the construction claim preparation process, the estimated methods and costs due to those conditions, and how actual methods and costs differ from the initial estimates when the contract was made. This should create a roadmap for any reader to follow.

A Group Effort

Construction claim preparation is a group effort, so making it easily accessible for multiple people is also a plus. With all the experts you have working on the claim, you must make sure it includes all the supporting facts and opinions to any recommendations made by the consultants. Firms like Lyle Charles Consulting or any other construction expert can attest to this If anything is left out, your claim may not hold up in court.