How Much Money Do You Need to Make to Live in Abu Dhabi?

Summary: Traveling and living abroad is something some people dream of. When given the opportunity to live abroad an individual must first consider how much he or she needs to make to live comfortably.

Each person has their own lifestyle and circumstances. If you are considering living in Abu Dhabi, you should first take the various expenses you will face into consideration. Laying out these costs will help you determine how financially viable of an option living abroad actually is.


If you have children in grade school, you will likely want to enroll them in a private international school. One of the biggest downsides to living in Abu Dhabi is the high education cost, which may turn many individuals away from the emirate. In addition to tuition costs, parents will also need to pay for school uniforms and bus fees. If you opt in for a long-term car rental in Abu Dhabi you could cut costs by driving your children to and from school.


Housing in Abu Dhabi is, unfortunately, quite expensive. With housing expenses taking such a large portion of one’s annual income, those considering living abroad in Abu Dhabi should negotiate with their employers for a housing allowance. Any financial assistance will help tackle the high living costs in the capital.

Additionally, you must determine if you will be shipping furniture from your house or if you plan on purchasing new furniture upon arrival. A 900 square-foot house in a normal area can cost just over $2,000 per month, while a 480 square-foot studio apartment in a normal area can cost around $1,300 per month. Housing in more centrally located or active areas will cost significantly more. Even if one chooses to live further away from these areas, services like Uber or Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC make it incredibly easy to visit them.