How People Feel About Federal Meddling During Biden’s Presidency

The role of the government and the correct method of interpreting the Constitution has been an age-old question dating back to the early days of our nation. Is the federal government responsible for intervening in important affairs, or should the government step back in favor of states’ rights? This debate feels especially germane in light of the Biden administration’s plans to enact regulations and policies affecting voting, responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and environmental conservation.

A poll conducted by political survey company and opinion survey service John Zogby Strategies found that 60% of respondents preferred a strict interpretation of the Constitution over government intervention. Since the company’s poll includes a diverse range of respondents, including many Democrats, the poll shows a general inclination against a malleable interpretation of the Constitution that allows for more government interference.

Despite the poll’s results, both pro- and anti-federal intervention viewpoints were represented in John Zogby Strategies’ podcast, The Zogby Report, as the hosts discussed the survey. Host Jeremy Zogby commented, “There’s a belief out there that government intervention begets more government interventions. That is, the more the federal government intervenes in society and people’s affairs and creates legislation and bureaucracy, it creates other issues.” In contrast, co-host and company namesake John Zogby commented, “…There needs to be COVID coordination, there needs to be economic rebuilding, there needs to be new initiatives like child care and minimum wages and so on to get people back to work and to give them hope again, and then there’s national security as well.”