How to complain and get what you want

A customer will be encouraged to complain if a service provider does not provide them with the service that was promised or if a product does not function as advertised. However, every customer complaint will not receive a response or compensation. The following strategies will help customers complain correctly to receive positive results.

Be polite and calm – When making a complaint remain calm and confident while highlighting the facts. Avoid threatening the company as this can result in a negative outcome.

Be clear and concise – Usually, a complaint will be read by a customer service representative who handles several complaints. Being clear and concise will help representatives understand what they need to do to fix the problem. Include details such as dates, times, and purchase details in your correspondence., Tripadvisor, and Yelp offer customers a safe and easy platform to lodge customer complaints with a high response rate.

Avoid mistakes – Stay away from mentioning your customer history, especially if this is untrue. Only ask for a reimbursement of the product or service and avoid asking for compensation for lost time etc. Additional compensation requests are not frequently approved as they are seen as unreasonable.

Keep track – Keep track of conversations, names, times, and dates as most customer complaints will need to be escalated.

Escalate the issue if you do not receive a response – If you have not received a response from a customer service representative, look at escalating the issue by contacting the company’s senior management.

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