How to Find a Useful Idea for a Startup

Summary: Creating a startup is hard enough on its own, but the core of it lies behind a special idea that you created.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for startup ideas, it’s wise that you take your time before rushing into the business game.

Teach Your Strengths

What are you good at? What can you do that’s garnered praise by others? Find inspiration from your own strengths and build on it. For instance, are you an avid traveler? You can create a business that teaches others how to travel the world by working as a consultant or even opening your own businesses like famed entrepreneur Sebastian Guthery. Take what you know and share it with others; it could potentially become a successful enterprise.

Expand on an Existing Idea

Have you ever seen a product and wondered what if it could do something else? Taking an idea and copying exactly what it does isn’t moral, and could potentially get you in some serious legal trouble. However, taking the concept of an idea and building on it based on your creative notions could get you some interest from that specific consumer base.

Do What You Love to Do

Is there something that you love to do on a daily basis? It could even be something as simple as playing video games. There’s a large market for it – of course it might be saturated, but there’s room for growth. The real question behind it is, how can you add something that people haven’t seen before but still operates under the guise of a video game? All it takes is some creativity to come up with a great idea.

Listen to Feedback

It’s likely you’ve participated in a conversation where people that have used a product or service mention certain gripes. This is where you come in. What service or product are they using and how can you recreate it in a way where you could make it even better?

Article written by Sebastian Guthery. Motivated by a drive to succeed, which manifested at a young age growing up in Wichita, Kansas, numerous companies with millions in revenue owe their success to Sebastian Guthery. Guthery lives and works in the greater San Diego region of Southern California. Read more articles from Sebastian Guthery at his WordPress page.