The funding profile of the Blavatnik Foundation

Written by Access Industries

The Blavatnik Foundation is funded by the Billionaire couple Len Blavatnik and his wife Emily. The couple has offered many gifts to the Jewish community via their Blavatnik Family Foundation.

In 2007 the couple created the Blavatnik Young Scientists Award, which focuses on offering to fund to the best students in the life, physical sciences, and engineering at institutions in the New York tri-state area. Other funding includes gifts to Harvard, Oxford and New York Academy of Sciences.

In 2014 the couple offered a $20 million gift to Tel Aviv University in Israel. This was given to create the Blavatnik Initiative. This is a program that is focused on interdisciplinary scientific research, student film production, and faculty recruitment.

The Blavatnik foundation also sponsored Colel Chabad food bank and warehouse in Kiryat Malakhi, Israel. This funding focused on sending food shipments to thousands of poor families.

The couple is also concerned about historical artifacts and therefore founded the Blavatnik Archive. This is a nonprofit, which focuses on the discovery and preservation of compelling artifacts that exist from the 20th century Jewish, WWI and WWII history. At present this organization holds 90,000 physical and digital assets. These include archival photographs, letters, documents and ephemera, and contemporary oral testimonies.

Blavatnik and Emily also move through a charity called the Provident Foundation. This supports a number of arts and culture events in New York.


Len Blavatnik is the man at the top of Access Industries and is a world-renowned philanthropist.