Understanding the Basics of Project Management

Summary: Each construction project consists of multiple steps that must be followed to perfection in order for the project to go as planned.

After the bidding process, a construction project will proceed to what’s known as the labor phase. This is a crucial time for management to involve themselves in the basics of construction claims management and consulting, so they can emphasize time management, efficiency, and other important aspects.

If you aren’t aware already, construction managers must be fully aware of every stage of the project to ensure that it is completed to perfection.

The Beginning Phases

The first step involves the project manager analyzing the project to determine whether it is worth taking on. Testing may be required to provide further clarity. When every party mutually agrees that the project is in their best interest, the project manager will then create a charter to get the project rolling. If you or your management team is unsure about any of the details, it would wise to seek a professional advisor like Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting.

Planning the Project

The project team then moves on to create a blueprint for all of the parties involved. These pivotal documents are crucial in the success of the project so be sure not to overlook this step. You may also seek the assistance of a construction advisory team to help back your project in the case that a claim arises, or delays occur. Because of today’s complex construction projects, claims are on the rise and they must be managed before they spiral out of control. You and your management team must decide how to tackle these claims both quickly and effectively.