Mediation: Save Time and Money

Time and MoneyMediation-Save-Time-and-MoneyMediation has been an effective and efficient solution in the construction industry for years now. Since disputes have become more and more common within construction contracts, mediation is ever so important because of its time and money saving outcomes.

For both parties involved in the legal process, a lengthy battle would only delay any contractual obligations that the contractor or subcontractor is held to. Through mediation, a lawsuit that is filed through the court system is eliminated, therefore resuming construction proceedings and minimizing damaging factors.

With the assistance of construction advisory services, both parties can come to an agreement, mutually benefitting both sides. Time is money. The longer it takes for a resolution, the more money is being poured down the drain.

A seasoned mediator embodies traits that are of full flexibility. Meaning, he or she can handle and successfully negotiate through varying circumstances. Their role is to look at the case from a neutral standpoint and employ proper guidance to ultimately end with a settlement. Since the mediator has non-binding authority, they must be effective with their communication. They must be able to lead both parties to an agreement with complete control of the situation – you’ll usually see this with skilled mediators.

If you are in need of settlement due to a dispute, you have the option of obtaining a construction claim analysis. Your consultant should be able to provide an expert and unbiased opinion of your case from start to finish. The risks associated within the construction industry have lead to mediation becoming increasingly popular over the years.

Bio: Lyle Charles is the head of Lyle Charles Consulting. With over 45 years of experience in the construction field, you won’t find a more qualified expert. Visit his firm online today for more information.


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