Are You a Current or Former Employee of Accenture?

Working for firms that are often referred to as the Big Four firms often requires you to keep up to the standards that might test your will to its very extent. If you ask a professional who works for Accenture regarding the demands of the said organization, he or she will tell you how tough it might be unless you are exceptionally great performers.

As years of working for an organization passes by, some employees become skillful professionals who know how to get the job done, while others move on to jobs that might pale in comparison to the size of an organization such as Deloitte.  Yet there is something that binds current and former employees together.

We are talking about the time spent together as well as the experience garnered over the years in work on common projects.  Perhaps one of the ways in which people who are new to any of these Big Four companies can profit greatly from the experience of the ‘legends’ is by joining a network where all Big Four employees, past or present, are constantly in touch with each other.

In conventional terms, this is also known as social media (Facebook, Twitter and the like) through which people stay in touch regardless of their location, and whether or not they are still working at KPMG.

There is more that you can gain from these “hubs”, but the rest is for you to find out.  And it will be more than a good idea to sign up with them.

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